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Multiscale Systems, Inc. is an advanced materials firm. Together, we will build something the world has never seen. Explore our technologies to open new doors.

Our Technologies

Technology derived from material science is the center-piece of our offerings. Not only do we deliver first-mover advantages for our customers, but we are uniquely qualified to translate our knowledge and expertise to enhance your products. Read on if you'd like to learn more, or contact us if you'd like to discover how our products and services can benefit you.

To avoid information overload, we bring our technology and expertise to our customers. By coming to you, your products benefit from bespoke frustration-free solutions.

We sell the benefits of advanced materials

Multiscale Systems, Inc. is commercializing mechanical metamaterials for a range of industries and applications. Our customer’s benefit by upgrading their products to unlock lighter, stronger, and multi-functional capabilities:

  • Lighter products are more energy efficient
  • Stronger products are more resilient
  • Multi-functional products can do more for your customers
How do we do it?

First, we use proprietary software to design geometric patterns embeddable in all conventional materials including (but not limited to): plastics, elastomers, rubbers, metals, composites, ceramics, and more. The patterns we design are responsive to customer-defined needs and constraints.

Once designed, we transfer these geometric patterns to our customers' chosen base material. The combination of material + pattern is the metamaterial.

The end result is a conventional material endowed with enhanced metamaterial capabilities. Our expertise is in knowing how to design the patterns that best address our customer's specific needs.

Backed by research

Our team has an extensive peer-reviewed track record of research that led to the innovations at the heart of our advanced material systems.

Advanced materials unlock new classes of cyber-physical systems

Digitized sensing technologies revolutionized the world around us through a wealth of quantifiable, continuous, on-demand information. The next phase of this revolution takes us beyond mere sensing, and emphasizes the ability to reach out into the physical world in order to affect things we could only previously observe.

Multiscale Systems, Inc. is developing advanced material systems at the cyber-physical interface. By pushing kinematics and sensing down to the lowest-possible material level, we eliminate layers of costly robotic engineering and CPU-based closed-loop sensing.

In essence, we replace actively-controlled robotic components with passive metamaterials doing the same job, but better.

Our customers benefit from simpler product designs, reduced energy consumption, and a new ability to reach into the physical world with machines and robots built from metamaterial-enhanced components.

How do we do it?

Our mechanical metamaterial systems have the kinematic functionality of simple and compound machines.

Input/Output motion is therefore regulated by the material's design, bypassing the need for conventional systems relying on sensors, controllers, and active power supplies.

Backed by research

Our team has an extensive peer-reviewed track record focusing on mechanical metamaterial research and engineering. These expertise are the driver of our innovations and offerings in cyber-physical systems.

Industries & Impact

Advanced materials provide Service members leap-ahead advantages.

Defense and Security

Lighter and stronger materials are essential for next-generation vertical lift platforms.

Aerospace and UAVs

Using AI to design better materials for tomorrow's robotics industry.

AI and IoT

Using the latest in laser cutting and 3D printing to make mechanical metamaterials.

Advanced Manufacturing

Rebuilding the nation's foundation for commerce and life.


Redefine possibilities

National defense relies on leap-ahead technologies redefining the frontier of what’s possible. Throughout history, advances in material science have played a pivotal role in advancing this frontier.

At Multiscale Systems, Inc., we focus on translating our knowledge into on- and off-battlefield advantages that protect Service members. Our metamaterial-driven advances are paving the way for:

  • Rapidly-deployable mobile shelters
  • Enhanced materials manufactured on-demand at forward or mobile operating sites
  • Energy-dissipating protective barriers for vehicles, personnel, and critical infrastructure

Vertical lift

From the Wright brothers to Armstrong, the achievement of flight is a crown jewel in humankind’s technological advances. Multiscale Systems, Inc. is proud to be continuing in this tradition through the development of mechanical metamaterials that serve a variety of needs in contemporary aerospace and unmanned flight systems.

Beyond making materials lighter and stronger, mechanical metamaterials also have the ability to control the flow of vibrational energy.

Whether for passively harvesting energy or generating unconventional forms of vertical lift, advanced material systems allow greater capabilities with reduced fuel consumption.

Responding to the Zeitgeist

While some use AI for advertising or facial recognition, we use the same technology to better design advanced materials. In fact, mechanical metamaterials are especially well-positioned to benefit from software that learns, since the benefits of metamaterials are closely tied to the mathematics of their design.

With our focus on applying advanced materials toward next-generation cyber-physical systems, we find ourselves in the unique position of redefining how the Internet of Things (IoT) will generate value. Our mantra -- replace machines with materials -- means a world where sophisticated robotic technology will be more easily produced and less expensive than ever.

Manufacturing innovations

Designing mechanical metamaterials is challenging, but only half of the battle. Fabricating these material systems requires us to constantly push the limits for how materials are manufactured.

Whether laser cutting, 3D printing, or utilizing automated CNC technology, we find ourselves reinvigorating a legacy industry by showing that conventional materials have much more to offer without chemical treatment of molecular engineering.

Rebuilding foundations

National infrastructure is the foundational stage that commerce and life unfolds on. Highways stretch from shore to shore while power plants light homes hundreds of miles away. Yet, the lack of essential upkeep is causing this critical resource to crumble before our eyes.

Multiscale Systems, Inc. recognizes that advanced materials are key enablers for producing replacements that enhance and upgrade critical infrastructure components.

As the nation modernizes its infrastructure and rebuilds for the future, we are developing the technology to rebuild the nation's foundations.

Resources & Literature

White papers coming soon

Press Releases
For immediate public release:
  • June 27, 2019 - Multiscale Systems, Inc. spotlighted in local TV and press media (PDF)
  • June 27, 2019 - Multiscale Systems, Inc. receives NASA contract to develop advanced materials in Worcester, MA (PDF)
  • June 11, 2019 - Multiscale Systems, Inc. receives federal grant to support advanced manufacturing R&D in Worcester, MA (PDF)
  • May 15, 2019 - Multiscale Systems, Inc. accepted into MassChallenge Business Accelerator for the 2019 cohort (PDF)

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Multiscale Systems, Inc. has caught the attention of central MA’s WNT Channel 3 news and the Worcester Business Journal.... (keep reading)

July 10 - UPDATE: CEO and Research Director Jesse Silverberg was interviewed for NPR's Morning Edition. Listen to the clip here.

5. NASA SBIR Phase I Awarded
Posted on 6/27/19 by JLS

Much to our excitement, Multiscale Systems, Inc. has been notified that we're receiving a NASA Phase I SBIR Award... (keep reading)

4. NSF SBIR Phase I Awarded
Posted on 6/11/19 by JLS

Much to our excitement, Multiscale Systems, Inc. has been notified that we're receiving a National Science Foundation (NSF) Phase I SBIR Award.... (keep reading)

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    • Full-time salary
    • Generous health benefits
    • Family/Wellness/Commuting compensation

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